About Us


We are a dedicated software development, ERP system development, enterprise network service provider, with fully developed ERP software, SEO optimization software.

We have a professional team of enterprise ERP system development, rich experience in EAI system development and production, and novel creative level. We emphasize the customer- centric experience planning concept, take the customer's enterprise management characteristics as the core of the design, combine with the characteristics of the customer industry, and design the enterprise integration system application program suitable for each customer in different industries, such as enterprise management, service and business.

System Advantage

  • Enterprise EAI application integration

    Integrate all information systems of the enterprise, including ERP, CRM, OA, HR, etc., avoid duplication of work, prevent information disconnection, strengthen decision analysis, improve efficiency and save costs of the enterprise

  • Plug-in structure, modular management

    Flexible configuration, powerful custom function, support secondary development, solve different industries, different enterprises, different development stage information management needs

  • Three nets

    Integrate tools such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, and barrier-free connections; It can be deployed on a single machine, deployed in the cloud (SAAS), or built on its own. Input data, document approval, data query, report or chart analysis, etc.

Design Idea

Standardization, modularization, professionalization, customization as the direction of design are fully in line with the management requirements of "integrated application, on-demand customization, fast and efficient".

Design Concept

Simple interface, simple operation, practical and easy to use

Service Concept

Listening, understanding, serving, accountability